Long, fixed schedules are one of the main reasons why so many people want to venture to a new career path. Between the years 2005 and 2018, the number of people who want to freelance has increased five times, as the new generations want flexible schedules, and some others contributing factors, like economic crises and technology, become more widespread.

Only in the USA, more than 53 million people work in this way. Many of them – more than 14 million – do this to complement a full-time position at a company, while 9 million work freelance as well as in a part-time position. The rest of these people take freelancing as their only way to sustain themselves. Research estimates that by 2022, more 40% of the American workforce will freelance for a living.

Some companies have noticed a gap in the market and tried to solve one of the major problems that freelancing entails: having to work where you live. In order to solve this, companies like WeWork have created shared spaces in which freelancers can work with colleagues. They also provide healthy snacks, places to relax, and even some beer. Does freelancing sound like a dream come true, right?

Freelancing not only benefits workers but also companies. Freelancing platforms, such as Upwork, give companies the opportunity of hiring new personnel for small tasks, without having to go through a tedious selection process. Those employers who do this know that freelancing does not equate unprofessional workers and cheap service and that the only difference between freelancers and a standard is an employee is a flexibility they have.

Upwork, one of the major freelancing companies nowadays, counts with more than 3.6 million employers, and approximately 9 million freelancers. These employers use Upwork to find the perfect candidate that can fill a position in their companies. These platforms also benefit start-ups, as these companies can hire financial consultants or marketing specialists at a reduced fare, compared to that of hiring somebody full-time.

Not everything is rosy for freelancers, though. A large number of freelancers makes it hard to make a living out of freelancing. Companies may also find it hard to find the right person for their business, as hiring a good professional requires a great deal of knowledge about the market. However, we can help you with this! Contact us and we will help you find the right person for your company.