Return & Delivery Policy

Career Mates Return & Delivery Policy

In this company, we aim at giving you the security that your products attain the place you sent them to timely and with success. As a company, we have devised a scheme to ensure that this happens efficiently and keeping in touch with our clients at all times.

Time for the package to leave our premises

Whenever you decide to hire our services, there are many elements that we take into account when giving you the day when you will probably receive the parcel. One of them is the time that will be consumed when making the package available for sending over. More or less, it is usually 1-2 days and you will receive your package after that, but there are some goods that take less than that time, or, if you live far away, it can take more. Another factor we take into account is the time that the package takes when getting out of our premises and getting to the place where you live. Even though you will receive a day in which you will probably get your package, but that is not a guarantee that nothing will fail in the middle. What we can assure you is assistance throughout the process and the best service from our part.

Preparation of your package

When your goods to deliver are ready to dispatch, we will always send you a message for you to get to understand the day you will receive the package. Another company, then, will take the package to the place you have provided us with when hiring our services. If you are not home at that time, then the company will try to find an alternative for delivery. We strongly recommend to be flexible in these cases.

Sign getting the package.

We always tell our clients that they should be there when the package arrives, particularly in the estimated hour and venue. If you are not there, then a fee will be applicable. This contract will be signed between Career Mates and the client. Nevertheless, we cannot take responsibility for anything that happens with our companies and with whatever aspect is not related to the way we prepare the package. When you receive it, you will have to sign a note for our employee to prove that you have got the package. Make sure that you pay attention to the package and its details, to see that nothing is not there or broken. If that is the case, you should keep the package and state the issues when you sign the note. You should also let us know about the problem within 2 days for us to see how to fix the problem.

Other things to pay

If you hire our services and want the package to be sent to a place that is not yours, then maybe you will have to pay more. For instance, sending packages to an event or to a place like a bus station is more time consuming and requires specific instructions. It should also be clear that after receiving the data it is not possible to modify the delivery address your provided us with. If you call, or if you hire our services online, then we start packaging as soon as possible and modifications cannot take place.

Cancelling our service

All of our clients have the right to give back the packages they are not satisfied with within one year, provided that they have the note they signed when they received it. We can also give you back your money in the format you paid originally. Giving back money when paying with credit card always goes to the account from where it came. Finally, if you want to cancel, you have 120 minutes to do so.