Privacy Policy

Career Mates Privacy Policy

Last updated: November 7, 2018

Career Mates (“us”, “we”, or “our”) are in charge Career Mates online page (the “Service”).

The present documents lets you understand the functioning and underlying principles of the company’s use of your data whenever you decide to use our products. It is clear that your data will not be posted anywhere: only can it be shared in the terms described below in this document.

The company will only apply the data you give so as to make the website better. When applying to using us, you are claiming you want to provide your data to us and have knowledge about these terms.

Using data

Whenever you enter our site, you can be required to give data about yourself that will be useful when designing a profile about you. This data might be about, but not only this:

More information

As a company we also get data about what you do in the Internet at the same that you are in the website. This information can be regarding the IP of your net, if you use Google Chrome or any other, what do you do in our site, when and where you visited and some other statistical information.

Google AdSense & DoubleClick Cookie

Google displays advertisements in our website.


We will use these tools that collect little information, by means of being installed in the navigator you use and then are located inside your drive. They are sent to get data, but you can have them or not. If you choose to refuse it, it is possible that you fail to access some parts of the site.

Giving services

It is possible that some other websites have a participation in this one, in different ways. These advisors will be able to see the data you provided only to do what they have to do in order to help us optimise our service. They have agreed not to show it to anyone else.


Your data will be safe because it is crucial for the company. However, it is crucial for you to bear in mind that it is not possible to provide completely secure guarantee of your data. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your data is protected and that only us will be able to see it.

Third party websites

This service, as mentioned before, can provide access to other services that have nothing to do with this company. From the moment you enter them, you will be redirected to those sites. It is important that you read carefully about their Privacy Policy to ensure you are safe there.
This company does not have any relationship or responsibility for what they post or do in their own sites.

Regarding Minors

This website is not intended for minors or kids who are not yet eighteen years old.
It is never in our will to have personal data from minors. Whenever you are the person in charge of them and know about a minor who has given the company data about them, we beg you to send us a message. As soon as we get to know that we are storing data about a minor, it will be completely removed from our databases.

Lawful aspects

The company is going to reveal only the aforementioned data if lawful reasons abide.

Modifications to this document

We have the prerogative of modifying these terms whenever we see fit. We will send you a message as soon as we decide to it, so you are aware of any changes that take place.
Your should always take a look at this page on a periodic basis to see if anything was transformed. These modifications become effective as soon as they are seen online.

Send us an email

Always feel free to send the company an e-mail if you are not sure about any aspect of this document.